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About Abe Safa

Abe Safa has been a resident of Myrtle Beach since 1988, when he moved to the area from Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Coastal Carolina in 1991 and never left this beautiful area. He has seen the Grand Strand grow and change so much over the years but the one thing that never changes is our beautiful coastline.
We know that there are thousands of Real Estate agents in town that you can choose from but THREE THINGS YOU WILL ALWAYS GET FROM ABE ARE:


Whether you are a buyer or seller or just someone looking for information. You will get nothing but honesty from Abe. Every time. No exception.
Another thing you get when you hire Abe is:


He does not know the meaning of can’t or quit. He will keep going and moving forward until the goal is accomplished. He will not stop until our goal is met.
Lastly, you will be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable or skilled in:


He has over 3 decades of business and negotiating experience and he brings those skills to every single deal, day in and day out. So whether its formulating a plan, seeing it through from start to finish or nego tiating the best deal for you, at the end of the day, YOU WANT ABE ON YOUR SIDE.

So give Abe a call and talk about what your needs are and WHAT ABE CAN DO TO HELP.


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