Thinking of Buying

Home Buying Process

Step 1: Connect with an Emmens Preserve Specialist

You have decided that you want to live in Emmens Preserve. What a great decision it is. This is the time to give us a call so we can learn more about you and what you want in a home. What is important to you? Is it proximity to work, the beach, family? We will discuss all these and talk about a time frame to in sure that we are making the right moves at the right time.

Connecting with an Emmens Preseve Speciallist can make the experience a lot more pleasurable and can potentially save you thousands of dollars. By choosing us, you are hiring someone who is extensively experienced in negotiating and will be the best option for saving you the most money.

Step 2: Getting Pre Qualified

Talking to a mortgage lender and arming yourself with a Pre Qualification letter is the next step and the first step in negotiating the best price. By providing a Pre Qual letter with an offer, you are telling the Seller that this is someone who is serious about making a purchase and not just kicking tires and wasting their time. You will find that Sellers are more amiable to Buyers with Pre Qual letters than those without and typically can end up with a better price.

This process is pretty quick and easy. You can typically get prequalified within 24 hours. The lender will then give you a Pre Qualification letter to use.

Step 3: Search and Tour Emmens Preserve Homes

This is where the fun begins. We will extensively research properties that fit the criteria we discussed and present them to you. At that point we fine tune the search by discussing which you like and which you dislike. Once we have narrowed down the potential properties to the best ones, we will then schedule times to go tour the homes. It’s important to note that we have access to all properties that are for sale. Whether they are new construction, for sale by owner or listed with another company, we can represent you and help you through the process of finding the perfect home.

Step 4: Time to Make an Offer & Negotiate

Congratulations… You have found the right home and are now ready to proceed with the purchase.

This is when having the right agent really makes a difference. It is critical that your agent is a great negotiator because here is where those skills pay off and save you money. Time after time, we have saved clients thousands of dollars by being the best in our industry when it comes to negotiating.

The best negotiators know that the process starts with the way that you present the initial offer. That dictates how the rest of the process goes and how good of a deal you end up getting. You will be in great hands with us on your side.

Once the price and terms are agreed on and the contract is signed by both Buyer and Seller we then move to the final step.

Step 5: Closing Process

Now we have what is called a ratified contract. Meaning that the terms were agree on and both Buyer and Seller have signed. You then select an attorney to use to handle the closing on your behalf.

Another major benefit of using us in the process is that we have a full time closing department with a full time closing coordinator that will be assigned to your closing. Her job is to monitor the closing process and make sure that everything is moving smoothly and that you are constantly updated on the progress. From Contract to the day of your closing, her job is to help you through the process and help to avoid any pitfalls that commonly can happen in closings.

Buying a home should be a fun and exciting time. From the moment you first contact us till the moment that we hand you the keys to your new home, we do everything within our power to make it as enjoyable as possible for you.

We have done it time after time and have client after client raving about the service they received from us.

Call us today so we can help you!


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